Thermodynamics of substances at high pressures
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Verlag: Palm und Enke Verlag GmbH
Erscheinungsjahr: 2002
ISBN: 978-3-7896-0667-0
Peter Buhler

Thermodynamics of substances at high pressures

The book is the continuation of the author's books: Physicochemical Thermodynamics of Substance (2000), Fizikokhimicheskaya termondinamika veshchestva (2001), published in Yanus Publishing House, St. Petersburg.

The phase equilibrium of a substance at supercritical pressures and temperatures has been considered in the book. It has been revealed that the region of existence of the fluid form of liqid flanks to the critical point of a substance. The fluid is in equlibrium, on the one hand, with the normal liquid and, on the other, with the vapour. The dependence of the thermodynamic characteristics of chemical reaction on pressure has also been attacked. The equations obtained correlate with experience. Thus, at low pressures the equilibrium constant of chemical reaction does not depend on pressure, whereas in classic thermodynamics this dependence is postulated.


Peter Buhler

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